Made in Europe, Inspired by wanderlust.


Birdini is at the cutting edge of innovation! A question that every woman has asked herself many times over, which shoe do I wear with which outfit?

Birdini has answered that question beautifully bringing us the most comfortable yet chic pair of flats you will ever find!This is not your average pair of sandals, Birdini’s are so much more than that!

These gorgeous sandals with interchangeable laces give you the opportunity to change the colour and style of your sandals as often or as infrequent as you would like. Birdini is a game changer when it comes to footwear!


Spending most of our time travelling around the world, we got a unique look at what is important to us on a daily basis. Constant moving, flying, packing, made us think of how to travel smarter and one thing we know is that all ladies absolutely hate uncomfortable shoes on busy day. We believe it is safe to say that Birdini Sandals with interchangeable laces were born from a void in the market that needed to be filled.


It was on our trip to South America, where one of our co-founders saw local women wearing sandals that wrapped up their legs, however each woman had it tied up a different way. This ignited her creative mind, what if you had a pair of sandals, that you could do up on your feet multiple ways, giving you a different look and feel whenever you wanted?!

This trip became the start of an 18-month journey, where the Birdini brand was formed and where one idea triggered many others.
Finding the right base for the sandal, finding the right material for the lace, what colour laces should be chosen for our first collection?
How about multiple colours, we thought, why should we restrict a woman to one colour choice for her sandals, why not have the lace become an interchangeable part of the sandal, and give the wearer an ability to interchange different colours of lace, as well as varying lengths. We loved that idea!


All of these ideas and questions worked themselves out, and we came up with
one of the most comfortable, versatile pairs of footwear available on the market around the world! Birdini, giving you the freedom to Be Yourself!


Today Birdini is a family run and operated business, with two generations of experience in clothing, materials and design.
Our goal is to keep innovating and designing for every woman out there.

The name

On one of our trips to St Lucia, we were laying on the beach looking at the sky full of beautiful birds. Their effortless movement in the air and their playful nature reminded us of freedom in its most simple form. We were already deep into designing a footwear label that would completely change the comfort standard and looks of a sandal. Right there on that beach the name was born.


Birdini, stands for freedom of choice, freedom to change your mind as often as you so wish, and freedom to be yourself.