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Birdini Sandal Bases are designed with your comfort in mind. Our specially crafted rubber foam soles provide an unparalleled walking experience, moulding effortlessly to your feet for that "walking on clouds" feeling. The 5 loop beige sandal bases are versatile, accommodating short, long, and extra long laces, and stand at a comfortable 1cm height at toes and 2cm height at heel.

Transition effortlessly from the beach to smart casual with these adaptable sandals. Feather light in weight, they're perfect for everyday wear. Plus, their easy to clean design ensures they stay looking fresh no matter where your day takes you. 

Cleaning tip: simply rinse under fresh water. For stubborn stains, a gentle sponge will do the trick; however, avoid using soap as it can be challenging to remove and may leave a slippery residue. Trust us, skipping the soap will save you time and effort.

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