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Short laces are designed to give you ultimate comfort and style, measuring 75cm in full length. Crafted from a stretchable material, they feel incredibly soft against your skin, allowing you to move freely with ease.

Perfectly suited for 3 loop Birdini Bases, these Short Laces offer versatility and compatibility with your favourite Birdini styles. While they can also be used with 5 loop Birdini bases, they are best for smaller sizes, specifically for sandals up to size            US8 | EU38-39 | UK6 due to their shorter length.

Each set of Birdini Short Laces includes metal rings, opening up a world of possibilities for creating unique styles. With the addition of different accessories, you can customize your Birdini sandals to reflect your personal flair.

Wash your Birdini sandals worry-free, as all our laces are washable. For best results, we recommend either gently hand washing or placing them in a laundry bag and washing on a warm cycle.

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